About Liquid3

Our expert team excels in delivering quality results in ambitious timeframes

Liquid 3 was newly formed out of the necessity for COVID test kits to be manufactured here within the USA, bringing together an experienced team with over 60+ years combined experience in the medical design and manufacturing field, as well as 20+ years combined medical experience.

The medical world is reeling from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has changed the face of the world and made PPE a household item.

All over the world, hospitals, businesses, and governments are seeking reliable medical test kits manufacturers and PPE manufacturers who can deliver large quantities, in a short time, and for a good price.

We know that the high quality and quick turnaround times for the best price are all top priority. Well, congratulations, your search for the right medical manufacturer is over!

At Liquid 3, we have plenty of experience working with hospital groups, large businesses/corporations, pharmaceutical design companies, and government agencies with custom orders, and we can help you navigate the ordering process, customize products according to your needs, and support you in the design process.

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Speed To Market

We understand that time is of the essence, and we’re able to meet tight deadlines with large quantities. If you need to ramp up your supply chain fast, we’re the partner you seek.


When you’re buying large quantities, every cent makes a difference. Try us on for size – we regularly work with large businesses and government entities, and we are not afraid of order quantities with a lot of zeros in them.


Good design is key, and we have a great team who can advise and support you with design aspects to ensure you get exactly what you need.


We take pride in our quality and accuracy. We use the latest technologies to design and manufacture high quality COVID-19 test kits.